The role of man in the family these days.

That’s the topic of my essay what I haven’t wrote yet. What should I write? I think that nowadays men still means safety and sense of partnership, but it’s not the same what it was earlier. Women want to be independent and achieve success. They think more about their own fulfillment than a family. So, what about men?

True personality

I would really like to look at a person and know how he is, how he feels, what are him dreams and what is he thinking right now. It could be a great world.

I think that I’m not a really open person, but I like to talk with people and get know more about them, spending time with them.. But It’s not easy to open, however, it doesn’t mean that I don’t want it. I admire people who reach me:) Now, it’s more possible than a few years ago.

I’m confused, because I don’t really know how I am. It hard to say. I really like parties, but I never attract. I like to look good, but I’m not a snob. I’m impulsive, but everyone perceive me like a quiet, modest, average person. It’s quite depressed.

What should I choose? Economics, management and marketing, banking, philology, Iberian, mathematics or cultural studies? People who don’t think as much as I do have an easier life. 😉

Spain. My true love, maybe the only one for life.

Capitol Madrid
Official languages Spanish
Government Constitutional monarchy
Head of State King Juan Carlos I
Area 504,030 km²
Population 45,116,894
Density 79 people per km²
Currency Euro €

My first question is “What is your favorite Spanish soccer team?“. It’s a really easy one for me. FCB of course! What about you? ;>

So, If you ask me why am I such a lover of Spain, I wouldn’t be able to explain you that. I’m just love that country, its culture, climate, language, beaches, openness, FCB, Barcelona and Gaudi.

Over 52 million tourists visited Spain in 2010. Spain is among the top 3 most visited countries in the world (France and the USA are the other two).

There are 17 different regions that make up Spain. Each region is different, with different terrains, weather, and some with completely different languages.

Madrid is the capital city of Spain.

City of Barcelona is a metropolis that became the capital of Catalonia, Spain. Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain after Madrid, the city has become one of the central administration has an important role in the economy in Spain, it is supported by the various world tourism center that is supported by the sectors of trade, culture, art, fashion, entertainment and science which has an important role in the global financial revolution.


Motivation for the new plan.

I don’t wanna be childish. I wanna be funny.

I don’t wanna have a boyfriend. I wanna met the love of my life.

I don’t really wanna go abroad. I wanna live abroad.

I would like to be happy, but now I don’t really know what it means and can be caused by so I’m looking for the right shoes 🙂

My new plan includes healthy life with healthy food, healthy rivalry, fun, intense looking for life passion and discovery other countries, my destiny..


What makes you pissed?

I hate when somebody tell me to do what he wants, but I don’t at all! He’s a dick.

If he hasn’t understood that I don’t need to be fix yet, he should do it right now. Hate him  now and earlier. Damn